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Making Lasting Connections

ProComm gives a caring, knowledgeable voice to your business with our call answering services. We maximize your on-call conversations with techniques to boost customer loyalty and elevate brand integrity. With a team of certified experts available, and full HIPAA compliance, you are able to offer: 24-hour support, message delivery, personalized appointment reminders, appointment setting and much more. Your customers will feel connected to your business at all times with our compassionate call services in place.

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Our Background

ProComm is able to deliver scalable solutions in part due to its origins that are rooted in the IT service provider, SpinnerTech. SpinnerTech drew upon its in-depth telecommunications, IT security and data storage knowledge to create a reliable answering service. With a strong technology focus, ProComm is able to deliver safe, secure and seamless communications options that are used by Fortune 500 companies and small to medium sized businesses alike.

What Makes Us Different

Our agents go through hours of training to deliver professional and compassionate interactions that your customers have come to expect. We will work with you to create a tailored communications strategy that will showcase your company’s strengths, and grow your brand integrity through superior customer service.

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